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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why use a Certified Consultant?

Why use a Certified Consultant?

A certified consultant is your assurance of quality. Certified consultants are equipped with the latest information on immigration law, procedures and practices and go about their business according to a strict, enforceable Code of Conduct.

To become certified, consultants must pass a rigorous application process, which requires evidence of good character, and tests knowledge and language skills.

For added security and client protection, certified consultants are fully insured for errors and omissions and can be subject to complaints that are all duly investigated by CSIC.

Is a Certified Consultant more expensive?

Because certified consultants have to keep their credentials current by maintaining their CSIC membership in good standing and engaging in continuous professional development, they incur more expense. Their rates usually reflect this. In return, a certified consultant offers quality professional services and knowledgeable advice on immigration matters of critical importance to the client.

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